St. Matthew's United Methodist Church
Wednesday, May 12, 2021
Sunday Services: 9am Traditional | 11:15am Contemporary | 10am Sunday School
Here are some frequently asked questions by work teams:
 We ask $10 a person per night as a minimum.
What are the accommodations like?
Work teams stay in local churches.  At St. Matthew's you have access to a kitchen with commercial grade appliances to cook your own meals.  There may be more than one work team staying in the same site.  At St. Matthew's UMC, teams are housed in our Sunday School classrooms.  There is indoor/outdoor carpet on the floors of these rooms. An air mattress or cot would make your stay more comfortable. Men and women sleep in separate rooms.  Due to our neighborhood setting, St. Matthew's does not accommodate RV's or campers.
Our kitchen stays in constant use!     But  it is well equiped and the teams love it!
What about food?  Are there restaurants or grocery stores open?
We encourage teams to prepare their own meals.  You have access to a kitchen with commercial grade appliances. At St. Matthew's UMC, the kitchen is also equipped with a microwave, coffee makers, a commercial size ice maker. Most grocery stores are open until 9:00 p.m. There are several within a mile of St. Matthew's UMC.   Restaurants are open.
Is there a charge for housing?
We have begun to ask teams to make a gift to the church that you are staying in to help with utilities.  We ask $10 a person per night as a minimum.
Is there Internet access for volunteers housed at St. Matthew's UMC?
Yes, we have wireless Internet access.  You may contact the church office at 504-888-1155 regarding the username and password.
What about things we can donate?  Building supplies?  Things people need?
Each home owner supplies the materials needed for the work you are doing.  If you wish to donate supplies, the best way you can do this is to bring gift cards (of any dollar amount) from the major retail stores--Home Depot, WalMart, Target, or Lowes.  We utilize them to buy materials for work teams as well as pass them along to families with special needs.  This is the easiest and most efficient way to help.
What medical precautions are necessary?
Each volunteer should consult his/her own doctor for medical concerns.  Every volunteer should have a tetanus vaccination.  When working indoors one must use the dust respirator.   Wear long pants to work in and gloves.
Do we only help members of United Methodist churches?
No.   Religious affiliation is not considered at all in determining who we help. 
Will there be time to see the city?
Yes, we want you to do this!  Plan one afternoon or morning to go to the French Quarter.  We will also want to show you damaged churches and homes that are still in need of repair so that you can become our ambassadors back home.
What are the team's cleaning responsibilities while staying at St. Matthews?
Each team is responsible to clean up after themselves.  This includes daily cleaning of bathrooms,  and kitchen.  We have custodial help but we simply cannot keep up with the traffic of the teams.
We thank you in advance for helping our community recover! May God richly bless you!
For information on city events, restaurants and maps check out the following website:
Thank You so much for the use of your Church and most of all your wonderful Kitchen.  This was my first mission trip and I will be forever spoiled.  Your hospitality and good works I watched this week were truly inspirational.  This was an amazing week for the kids and a lot of that was due to the hard work of all of your.  Thank You St. Matthews.
Kitchen Manager
First Church Plano, TX.