St. Matthew's United Methodist Church
Monday, September 27, 2021
Sunday Services: 9am Traditional | 11:15am Contemporary | 10am Sunday School
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In 1977, Bob Marley wrote a song about Three Little Birds, except it’s original meaning got quickly lost as the song became more widely known as “Don’t worry about a thing.” As we finish our short series on the idea of “Treasure” as found in Jesus’ Sermon on the Mount from Matthew chapters 5-7, Jesus teaches us not to worry about tomorrow because tomorrow will bring enough worries of it’s own. Instead, trust that God will provide for us our daily bread. Seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well.

 In Matthew Chapter 6, Jesus teaches us how to pray, which is the first step in seeking a right relationship with God. We are to be in relationship with the living God, which is different from a Jewish understanding of faith that is defined primarily by following the law. We’re to read Scripture for ourselves so that we might have the eyes of our hearts enlightened, and that we might see God’s Kingdom that is all around us! In seeking righteousness – right relationship with God and with our neighbor – we will be storing up for ourselves treasure in heaven.

 In times such as this, it’s a comforting reminder that we are to live in today. Do today what is before you. Accept those things that you have no control over. And trust that God has already prepared the way into tomorrow, for tomorrow will bring enough worries of its own. God calls us to live in the here and now, trusting that God will provide, as we seek to live in right relationship with God and with one another. It’s there that we find peace, and can truly say “don’t worry about a thing, because every little thing is gonna be alright!”


The Governor issued mask mandate has been extended until September 29 for residents of Louisiana. Please follow this mandate while on campus. If it would be more advisable for you to remain home due to underlying health conditions, or other risk factors, we honor your decision and encourage you to watch our worship services on our Facebook page, or our You Tube channel. If you need information on how to connect to our online worship services, please let us know.

 Join us each Sunday in person or online at either 9am (traditional) or 11:15am (contemporary).  We will also have BOTH services streaming live. 


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