St. Matthew's United Methodist Church
Friday, April 16, 2021
Sunday Services: 9am Traditional | 11:15am Contemporary | 10am Sunday School
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As we live into our “Love Out Loud” project over these next few weeks, I invite you to earnestly seek places to serve as we move through them. This past weekend a number of volunteers came and helped around campus for our church-wide work day. I’m thankful for the work that was done. We also collected food for Second Harvest which we’ll deliver this next week. This coming weekend there’s an opportunity to volunteer for our “Earth Day” children’s event on Saturday morning (see below for more information), and then on Sunday we’ll be launching a “Care Card” project, where we’ll be mailing over 200 personal, hand-written cards, to people in our community. You’ll hear more about this on Sunday.

 Our objective is to love our neighbors in tangible, relational, ways and perhaps point people that we encounter to our faith in Christ as our motivation for serving them. Jesus taught us to love as He has loved us, and the example He gives is washing His disciples feet. To say that Jesus is our Lord and Savior means we must be willing to give sacrificially of ourselves and serve others from a posture of great humility.

 On Sunday we explored Luke 24:13-35, the story of the two disciples that were walking from Jerusalem to Emmaus on the day of resurrection, but didn’t recognize that Jesus was walking with them. An encounter with the risen Christ – once we experience it for ourselves - may not change our circumstances, but it will certainly change our perspective. Choosing to Love Out Loud begins with a changed life through putting our faith and trust in Christ, and then responding to that grace that we have received.

 This coming Sunday we’ll explore Mark 10:46-52 where Jesus leaves Jericho and encounters Bartimaeus, a blind beggar, on the side of the road. The crowds tell him to be quiet and to know his place, but Jesus hears him, calls him over, and restores his sight. This is one of three times in Scripture where Jesus heals someone and says: “Your faith has made you well.” How has our faith made us well, and how might the faith that we have be a contagious faith?


The next step in the process is for YOU to attend a Congregational Workshop on Saturday, April 24th from 9 am-noon. This will be led by the Church Transformation and Development staff from the Conference Office and will be a time for you to hear what has already been discussed, and share your thoughts on where we are as a church, and where we might go from here. This isn’t the only opportunity you’ll have, but I encourage you to attend if at all possible.
Join us each Sunday in person or online at either 9am (traditional) or 11:15am (contemporary).  We will also have BOTH services streaming live. 

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